Industrial Rope Access Technician Vocational Course

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  • the written exam is only in Hungarian

Training information

The ID number of the vocational training: 10883005

The name of the qualification: Rope access technician


Actual fees are on the Hungarian page.

The exam takes place in an accredited Exam Center independent of the training, according to the Exam Center’s fee schedule. If needed, we can help you register for the exam.

  • The training fee can be paid in 3 details, the exam fee must be paid in one.
  • First detail must be paid at the enrolment. The other details can be paid later, according to the timetable of the training, scheduled in advance.

The training fee may change based on the earlier learnt and assessed competences.

Knowledge level assessment:

  • Prior knowledge assessment is available through phone call, or in e-mail and it must be pre-arranged in our training place.
  • To take part in the knowledge level assessment  the applicant must have pre-employment examination certificate dedicated to rope access technicians (the certificate on the application form is eligible)
  • The fee of the assessment is credited in case of the participation on the training.
  • A certificate on the result of the assessment is given to the student and it is valid for 6 months.
  • The knowledge assessment is made both on theoretical and practical levels.
  • The assessment is made in classroom, a casual dress and a pair of cleaned shoes are needed for it.
  • Chnaging clothes and taking shower are possible.
  • In front of the classroom, there is a buffet, where refreshments and hot meals are available.


2. training requirements


Qualification (pre-degree) requirements:

  • elementary school degree, or
  • in absence of school degree input competences are needed: the training can be started according to the 3rd appendix of this decree by having the competences of the Other services vocational group


Medical (pre-employment examination) requirements:

33/1998. (VI. 24.) Decree of the Welfare Ministry on the medical examination of the eligibility of the job, the vocation, and the personal hygiene.

11.§ (4) The pre-employment examination of the jobseekers, and for those who applied for vocational trainings is done by the doctor of the occupational-medical consulting room.


3. training duration

Total time: 220 hours
The effective traing time may be different according to the prior knowledge of the applicant.


The short description of the working area of the vocational qualification:

The qualified person can do cleaning, repairing, building, wrecking, maintaining, caring, rescuing, managing tasks or other tasks connected to the vocational qualification  in hardly accessed areas, high rise buildings, constructions, big machines, antennas, towers, trees by hanging on a rope instead of using lifting basket or scaffolding.

The qualified person supports leisure activities and sport events in adventure parks, boulder places, or other sport centres by using rope techniques.

In special circumstances the qualified person can do – in high, deep and closed places – rescuing tasks by using rope techniques.

The qualified person can:

– investigate the plans, make sure of the ability of executing them

– assess the force impulses, the loadability, designate and build the supporting and descending points

– equip himself with the obligatory and necessary self-protecting devices and tools

– descend or ascend to the work area by using ropes and execute the tasks on the working area

– move in dangerous circumstances where falling is possible and use the proper tools against the falling

– help to descend, move, protect another person, who executes work, leisure activity and being prepared to rescue him

– build the path or lane that is needed for executing the tasks, while mintaining the supporting system against falling

– designate the necessary tools and technology at lifting tasks

– analyze the rescuing options, methods, and decide the best solution

– prepare a rescue plan, then execute the plan


5. The name of the qualification in the certificate: Rope Access Technician

EUROPASS can be required for the certificate that helps to recognize the qualification within the EU. For further information, see:



For those who successfully complete the training, Hexa-Alpin Kft. issues a certificate (it does not entitle them to hold a position or work), which is a condition for applying for the qualification exam.