Safety of temporary job done in work-at-height circumstances

Aim of the training

To learn and exercise how to do jobs safely in work-at-height circumstances, how to use properly the self protecting equipment, how to execute the rescue plan. (Working place types: 1. steel structure, 2. roof, 3. set up and use of self-protecting systems)

Type of education: occupational health and safety training*

Duration of education: depending on the work place type 1 day (min. 1 day)

Schedule of education: 8.30-15.30

Exam type: practical and written

Training place:: 1106 Budapest, 47 Maglódi út, entrance from Kada street (Kada street 144.)

MAG47 Climbing Room and Rope Access Technician Educational Centre
• In case of training in an external place, the customer must provide the proper educational circumstances. In case of an external training, having the approprite circumstance for the training is the responsibility of the procurer. For the fieldwork we charge the customer.
• For the theoretical training: class with chairs, desks, projector
• For the practical training: properly adjusted fixing points in proper number and capacity


• The participators must have comfortable, long clothes, working gloves,and working shoes.
• The protecting equipment that are needed against falling our company provides. If we use the equipment of the trainees, we ask the record of the temporary inspection of the equipment in advance.

Admission requirements

• To take part on the training, we need the pre-employment examination given by the doctor for work-at-high. It proves the trainee is capable to wear harness, clim through railings, and work at height.

Validity of the certificate: 1 year