Occupational Health and Safety Table

tabla3_small_wIn rope access technician work, or work-at-height the work area must be fenced, and warning tables must be placed to draw the attention for the reason of the closed area. This must be done by using

  • prohibitive tables
  • warning signs and
  • ordering signs.


This regulation is valid for all workers, including the sole traders. See the Mvt. 87.§ 5. for details:

Mvt.26/A. § Work places where the danger can occur, for the health of the workers and those who are in the area, safety and health protection signs must be applied. The details of the rules are given the minister of labour.

2/1998. (I. 16.) MüM decree on the safety and health protection signs in work places:

2. § (1) The employer is obliged to place safety signs and maintain these signs, if the conditions are changed.

(2) Safety sign must be applied if there is a danger or source of danger for the worker or those who are in the working area, and the threat cannot be eliminated by using mechanical protection or work management.

During industrial rope access technique work the following signs are used in general:

– Entry is forbidden!

– Danger of falling objects!

– Safety helmet must be used!

– Falling danger!

– Hanging load!

– Harness must be used!

May the place of these  signs all together can be a burden, so we provide it all and it can be downloaded from our website, or it can be ordered in this size: 210mm×380mm with the following material:

  • dibond table (3 layers, centre is plastic, the visible sides are metal):
  • 5mm PVC (plastic) table:

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IDtable pictureMain differences
1 tabla1_small_w

Entry is forbidden

Staying under hanging load is forbidden

2 tabla2_small_w

Ascending is forbidden

Falling danger

3 tabla3_small_wdownload from HERE

Enter is forbidden

Emergency numbers