First Aid for Alpinists

Based on the rules and our experiences the following first aid kits are recommended to rope access technicians and those who work-at-height.

3/2002. (II. 8.) SZCSM–EüM decree on the minimum level of the occupational health and safety requirement of the workplaces

20. § (1) At every workplace and shift depending on the activity, the danger level of the work and the number of people, first aid equipment or kit must be provided and a personel must be dedicated to use them. A first aid place must be dedicated if the actvity or the danger level of the work, or the number of accident account for it. This place or places can be reached by stretcher.

(2) The first aid equipement, kit, and the stretcher must be kept in a visible, dust free, easily accessed place, in good condition.

(3) The expired tools and equipment must be changed in time.


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SIZE: 30 cm × 15 cm × 8 cm

WEIGHT: 400 g


Matterquantity (pieces)
Tatonka First Aid M bag1
Gloves, Latex comfort L8
Triangle cloth2
Muslin bandage (mull) 10cm*5m4
Muslin bandage (mull) 15cm*5m2
Mull-sheet 6*6cm4
Mull-sheet 50*80cm2
Adhesive plaster 2,5*5m1
Plaster, strap Salvequick Aqua Resist, 28 db-os1
Plaster kb.10 x 8 cm10
Betadine antiseptic liquid 30ml1
Skin disinfection liquid/aerosol1
Eye drop physiologicus1
Neuropathic gel1
Isolation foil1
Breathing foil1