Self-rescue from Crane

önmentés_emelőbőlBased on the decree no. 47/1999. (VIII. 4.) provided by the Ministry of Economics, and in accordance with the Safety Rules of the Lifting Machine, we assume the education of the rescue and self-rescue of people from lifting machines that have cabins or from other elevators.

  • Preparatory training
  • Periodic training

Next training: to be discussed (TBD)

Application form

The place of the training: TBD or our  Training Center

  • The training is provided in a closed area, comfortable clothes and clean shoes are needed.
  • Shower is provided.

8.1.18. At lifting machines with cabins the employer must provide the personal (e.g. trained rescuer) and material (e.g. rope ladder, harness, etc.) conditions of rescuing the operator in case of breakdown, accident, or the sickness of the operator.

The students who attend the course gain the following skills and knowledge:

  • The use, maintenance and store of the tools and equipment related to self-rescuing
  • Practice of self-rescuing and co-rescuing
  • The Safety Regulation of the Lifting Machines and other regulations and standards 

3.4. (Self-)Rescuing of the personnel
3.4.1. When the personnel are lifted to high, the rescue (self-rescue) must be prepared in advance, so in case of the breakdown of the lifting machine, the operator or other personnel can be taken down to ground level in a given time.

3.4.2. For the rescue process, the lifting machine itself must be adapted to be enabled to lower the cabin with hand-power, gravity or with the help of other energies.

3.4.3. In case it is impossible to make work the lifting machine by hand-power, individual rescue (self-rescue) machine must be applied.

3.4.4. In those cabins or holders, where the application of the self-rescue machine is mandatory, only personnel who is able to execute the self-rescue can be lifted by the cabin or holder.

3.4.5. The self-rescue from the holder or cabin must be practiced regularly by imitating the stuck of the cabin.

3.4.6. When there is more than one person in the lifted cabin, only one self-rescuing machine can be applied if all people can descend with it one after the other from any position. These self-rescuing tools need to be pulled up from below or above.

3.4.7. It must be checked at every installation whether the self-rescue machine is available in the cabin and is functional. The rope of the self-rescue machine must be checked bi-annual, and a written statement is needed for the further usability. The length of the rope must enable the touchdown from the highest position of the cabin.

3.4.8. On the cabin, the load-bearing point must be designated in advance and it must be highlighted by a distinctive colour, where the rescue (self-rescue) tools are attached..