Vocational Certified Industrial Rope Access Technician


The certified is capable of:

  • Examining the work site and its characteristics;
  • Accessing the work area;
  • Moving objects;
  • Supporting sport and recreational activities with rope access technology, moving and protecting specialists with no rope access training;
  • Supporting and performing rescue operations using rope access technology;
  • Checking equipment and documenting daily performance


Min. 150 hours trainig is required.


The curriculum contains the following:

  • general occupational health and safety,
  • use and maintaince of PPE against falling from height,
  • work-at-height and rescue,
    • rope techiques of industrial environment
    • rope techiques of sports (climbing, rope parks)
    • rope techniques of rescue (fire deparments, rescue from cave)
  • rope access works,
  • standards and regulations*.


* One of the most important regulations is the Decree No. 11/2003 (IX. 12.) FMM of the Ministry of Employment and Labour on the Safety Code of Activites of Industrial Rope Access Technicians.


Europass Certificate Supplements are available in hungarian, english, german and french.




  • Europass Certificate Supplement: The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued to people who hold a vocational certificate, to make this certificate easier to understand by employers or institutions outside the issuing country. The information in the Europass Certificate Supplement is provided by the relevant certifying authorities in a common format for all holders of a specific certificate.