Rope Access Technician Assisstant

The training course curriculum is based on the Directive 2009/104/EC of the European Parlament and of the Council, and on the Hungarian Act XCIII of 1993 on Occupational Health and Safety and the relevant national and international standards; it covers the following topics:

  •  Use of work-at-height and rope access personal protective equipment
  • The theory and practice of industrial rope access
  • Use of guided type fall arresters including a rigid and flexible anchor line
  • Theoretical and practical training on the use and maintenance of PPE
  • Basic first aid skills
  • The theory and practice of self-rescue and rescuing of others
  • Work-at-height, rope access and rescue safety regulations
  • Summary of the relevant international and Hungarian regulations*, standards


* One of the most important regalutions is the Decree No. 11/2013 (IX. 12.) FMM of the Ministry of Employment and Labour on the Safety Code of Activites of Industrial Rope Access Technicians


3 days (3×8 hours) of training is required.